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Over 150 years of experience in the art of print finishing, bookbinding and restoration.

John Van Huizen, the original owner, started his bookbinding career in Holland. After a few years in the trade he made a decision to emigrate to Canada. Once John settled in his new homeland he opened up his bookbinding business in 1974 operating in his garage and basement. Since then, Van Huizen Bookbinding Ltd. has grown to become Niagara Region’s best trade bindery. John has now sold the business, but still works with the company restoring antique or damaged books. For more information go to the custom restoration section.

In 1997 Van Huizen Bookbinding & Finishing Ltd., was bought by Tony Crowle and Claire Wilkinson. Tony completed a five-year apprenticeship in Hand Bookbinding, restoration, and Print Finishing at Plymouth College of Art and Design, England and has now over Thirty five years of knowledge and experience in print finishing, cutting, folding, perfect binding, three knife trimming and saddle stitching. Van Huizen Bookbinding & Finishing Ltd., offers combined over 150 years of experience in the art of print finishing, bookbinding and restoration.

Together, Tony and Claire have been able to keep their successful business moving forward with the high demands of technology in the binding industry.

Equipment List

At Van Huizen Bookbinding we are more than capable of handling your short-run binding needs. Our varied array of equipment and the people who operate it can turn your job around quickly and efficiently. Whether it be three-knife trimming, multi-clamp perfect binding or large-size folding, we can do the job. We are not afraid to add new equipment when the need arises, so don’t be surprised if we have updated the equipment list below when you call.

Production Finishing Equipment

Heidleberg PUR & EVA 3 clamp Perfect Binder

2 Sulby Single-clamp Binders (one for over size books)

2 Morgana Digi Creaser

MBO B28 Folder with 2 Rollaways (max. 28″x44″ sheet)

Schnieder senator 45″ Guillotine

Polar 72CE Programmable Guillotine

Challenge 30″ Guillotine

Stahl VBF Rapid 3-knife Trimmer

Sickinger heavy duty Punch offering 3:1 & 2:1 Wiro 4:1 plastic koil

Sickinger Twin loop auto wiro closing machine

Wiro Power Punch and Closing Machines

Plastic Koil Punch and Inserters

2 Bostitch No. 7 Stitchers

3 Challenge Paper Drills

Bracket stripper tape binding machine

Case Binding Equipment

18″ Smythe Sewing Machine

Oversewing Machine

2 Roundcornering Machines

45″ Board Cutter

3 Quickprint Foil Stampers

3 Kensol Foil Stampers (1.5 ton, 3 ton and 10 ton stamping presure)

Prakma Single-wing Casing-in Machine

2 Pracoll Double fan Cold Gluing machines

Starbacker Rounding and Backing Machine

5 Pot Devin Glue Machines

Also, an assortment of handbinding machinery

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