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Gift Shop

Please stop by our gift shop opening in April 2000 if you are interested in purchasing pre-made journals, photo albums, scrapbooks, guestbooks, menus, billfolds. Perhaps you wish to purchase materials to design and make your own keepsake book for a wedding, anniversary or special occasion, visit the gift shop or contact Tony Crowle at

We stock fine hand-made papers from Nepal, Japanese papers with ┬ádelicate designs, numerous styles of hand made and printed Marble papers as well as acid-free blank text stock. Because we are in the business of binding books we also carry a wide variety of bookbinding supplies, boards, papers, glues, cloth’s, leathers and archival materials along with hand bookbinding tools and equipment.

To the right photo albums, journals, and wedding albums that we create. All are hand-crafted and use beautiful hand-made paper. We also uniquely bind the photo albums with the technique called lace binding. The pages are all 100% acid free to ensure a life time of use.

Also Bookbinding supplies boards, papers, glues, cloth’s, leathers and archival materials. Along with hand Bookbinding tools & equipment.